What is Vitiligo?

Natural Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a condition where de-pigmentation in sections of the skin occurs. It manifests when melanocytes, the cells that give skin its pigmentation malfunction or die. The causes of Vitiligo are not known but research indicates it may arise due to autoimmune, oxidative stress, viral or neural causes. Incidences accounts for less than 1 percent in the whole world. Non segmental form is more common. It appears in form of symmetrical patches sometimes in large areas of the body and this article will confine itself to this form.

Symptoms and signs of Vitiligo

The most common symptom is de-pigmentation of the skin on extremities. Initially the patches are small but often change shape and enlarge. The skin lesions occur most prominently on hands, wrists and face. De-pigmentation is most notable around body openings such as eyes, mouth, nostrils, umbilicus and genitalia. Hyper-pigmentation may occur on the edges around the lesion. Patients stigmatized due to their condition may suffer from depression and other mood disorders.


Treatments for Vitiligo are categorized into four groups:

UVB phototherapy: 

This is the most common and involves exposure of the skin to UVB light using UVB lamps. This can be done at home or in a clinic but may not be very reliable. There is no known treatment that re-pigments skin totally. Adding Psoralen increases effectiveness of UV light and aids partial re-pigmentation. Studies also indicate that combined folic acid and Vitamin B12 with sun exposure can result in re-pigmentation in 52 percent of cases.

PUVA Phototherapy:

UVA (Ultraviolet light) are carried out in hospitals. For Psoralen plus Ultraviolet a light (PUVA), one has to take a drug which works by increasing skin’s sensitivity to UV light.

Transplanting Melanocytes: 

Involves taking a very thin layer of a patient’s pigmented skin from the gluteal region and the graft applied on the affected area.

Skin camouflage: 

This is the use of makeup or cosmetic camouflage to hind the patches. For light skinned person, avoiding sun tanning and sunlight can make the patches less visible.
Reversal: - Can be achieved by use of corticosteroid.


Applies in cases of extensive Vitiligo in order to attain an even skin color. This would take a period of one year for completion in the treatment of Vitiligo.

Natural Vitiligo Treatment:

Although Vitiligo cure is undiscovered, but natural Vitiligo treatment provides alternative procedure to help you cope up with Vitiligo.

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